I am a member of the Only Human Dance Collective.

I crochet a lot, and I’m quite good at it. Some of my proudest original creations are a goose, a large duck, and a small duck coin purse (with its own smaller duck coin purse), all pictured below. It’s only a coincidence that they’re all waterfowl.

crocheted goose's headcrocheted goose

crocheted duckcrocheted duck coin purse

One time I rewrote a Shakespeare sonnet in mathematical notation. The result is this sonnet, “eyes(mistress) ∩ sun = ∅”.

One time I made a spreadsheet detailing how the three sung parts of “A Man’s Gotta Do” from Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog intermesh. The result is this image of aligned lyrics.

One time I imagined what names for city driving paths would be like if we expanded their abbreviations incorrectly. The result is this decomposition and recombination of pieces of words.

I sometimes make sweet things to eat. Did you know you can make ice cream using only a large bowl, a medium metal bowl, and a hand mixer? I learned that from this ice-cream recipe. I also really enjoy this recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

I really like the webcomics Paranatural, Cucumber Quest, and Soul to Call.

If you like linguistics, you should check out the podcast Lingthusiasm. If you like mathematics, you should check out the math-themed text adventure A Beauty Cold and Austere. If you like human rights, you should check out the organization Rainbow Railroad.